Highlighting Virginia's Redistricting Resources

As August is wrapping up, we’re realizing how quickly the year has flown by! It seems like just yesterday we were awaiting initial census data. Now Virginia’s citizen-led redistricting commission is making progress on new state and federal maps and at last, all Virginians are able to see and get involved in the process!

 This month, we wanted to share important updates and resources regarding redistricting in the Commonwealth:


1. A message from the Commonwealth Caucus

Bipartisanship is to be celebrated in politics today. That is why the Commonwealth Caucus — a caucus dedicated to finding common ground to benefit all Virginians — is so special.

Check out the Caucus’ most recent statement on the redistricting process and their request for the commission to be responsive to public participation and to focus on the people of Virginia — rather than the parties. 

2. Check out VPAP's Resources

Here in Virginia we are lucky to have The Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP). VPAP provides updates, visuals, and resources for all things Virginia politics. A resource we are especially loving right now is VPAP’s redistricting page. Here you can find information on how redistricting works, the current timeline, latest headlines, visuals, and information on who makes up the commission. You can even examine the new census data for your own county before the final maps come out! VPAP is an easy way to stay updated and informed on this important once-in-a-decade process.

3. OneVA2021 is here to help

Speaking of redistricting resources, we would be remiss to not mention One Virginia 2021’s website! If you have not visited yet, make sure to check out their resources and take advantage of the many ways to get involved in the process. 

OneVA2021 makes it simple for you to make your voice heard — their website has easy ways to submit your input to the redistricting commission, whether by writing a comment, drawing a map, testifying at a hearing, or joining the Sunlight Districts Challenge!

There are so many ways to be involved with redistricting. Don’t miss this your opportunity to make your voice heard!

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